FEECS CERTIFIES OPQF (Office professionnel de qualification des organismes de formation – French Professional Organization for the Certification of Training Organizations) AND DATADOCK

What is the OPQF qualification for training organisations?

This is issued by the OPQF qualification committee, a tripartite decision-making body composed of representatives of customers, service providers and representatives of the general interest, all professionals in the training profession.

Professionalism is assessed through 4 rigorous stages :

  • Admissibility of the application
  • Substantive analysis of the request by an expert
  • Issuance of a collective opinion by an investigation committee
  • Decision by the qualification committee

Qualification assessment criteria:

Compliance with regulations, the ability to design, implement and evaluate training actions, customer satisfaction (free expression of customers who judge the services provided), sustainability of human, material and financial resources.

What are the benefits for you?

  • Our commitment to a continuous improvement process
  • The certainty of benefiting from best practices
  • An appropriate response to the needs expressed
  • Consideration of your satisfaction
  • The company’s sustainability

*L’ISQ –organisme de qualification des entreprises de prestations de services intellectuels- est le seul en France à délivrer ce type de qualification, L’ISQ est accrédité par le Cofrac (Comité français d’accréditation) selon la Norme NF X50-091 sous le n° 4-0528



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