On-site training has the benefit of being very efficient and hands-on. After listening to and analysing your needs, we adapt our programmes so that they are perfectly in line with your expectations and operational objectives.

Our trainers work all over France, in your workshops, from beginner to expert level. Need to look at or review the basics of the trade? Training on how to read a plan (ISO rating, GPS), metrology, trigonometry, cutting techniques, materials, etc. We also offer training on machine handling (setting the origins, choosing and adjusting tools, starting production…) and on numerical control programming in ISO or conversational language.

Our Support Process

Analysis of your needs

Design of the training project

Coordination and delivery

Final assessments

Training courses to STRENGTHEN your skills

Optimise the use of production tools (save time machining parts, use conversational language, carry out parametric programming, organise your workstation, etc.) strengthen your employees’ skills, increase versatility or develop and transfer know-how.

For optimal and concrete results, we recommend that you carry out these high-level training courses in your workshop, on your machines and parts. Trainees are more confident in their usual working environment and will progress faster.