A “turn-key” service

  • Preparation

    Defining the raw material, developing the machining range with the customer, generating ISO codes and adapting post-processors to your specifications.
    We use the software that is most suited to the programming as well as to your needs and programming procedures: TOPCAM, ESPRIT, NXCAM, GO2CAM, etc.

  • Strategy optimisation

    Defining the machining strategy according to the material being machined: stainless steel, titanium, Inconel, ceramic, carbon, copper, aluminium, etc.

    Studying the tools according to the strategy and the material (choice of the most suitable cutting tools).

    We respect your choice: our selection of cutting tools is defined solely on the basis of your existing tool base

  • For all CNC cinematics

    From basic 3-axis machines to the most sophisticated 6-axis milling machines and multifunctional lathes, our programme technicians will assist you in the development of a CAM post-processor that is tailored to your activity and expertise.


    We guarantee complete industrialisation by carrying out an optimal verification:

    simulation using high-performance software.

    Acceptance is validated by the implementation of an acceptance part on your machine.

    Finally, we give you the manufacturing file.